Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top Five Winners and Close Contests in Uttarakhand Assembly elections 2012

Recently concluded Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly elections 2012 have thrown up unexpected results in many constituencies, surprising contestants, pollsters, observers and the electors at the same time. In this backdrop, it is interesting to know who were the top winners and where was contests very keen with nail-biting finish. As per the data on ECI website, following were the top five winners and also the closest contests :


1. Indira Hridesh (INC) who polled 42,627 votes defeated nearest rival Renu Adhikari (BJP) 19,044 votes by a margin of 23,583 votes from Haldwani Constituency to top the chart .

2. Yashpal Arya (INC) who polled 38,254 votes defeated nearest rival Rajesh Kumar (BJP) 23,393 votes by a margin of 15,131 votes from Bajpur Constituency to record 2nd highest victory margin.

3. Bhim Lal Arya (BJP) who polled 24,254 votes defeated nearest rival Dhani Lal Shah (INC) 10,560 votes by a margin of 13694 votes from Ghanshali Constituency to record 3rd highest victory margin.

4 Mukesh Singh (INC) who polled 33,976 votes defeated nearest rival Prakash Pant (BJP) 20,779 votes by a margin of 13,197 votes from Pithoragarh Constituency to record 4th highest victory margin.

5. Kishan Chand Mandal (BJP) who polled 29,280 votes defeated nearest rival Narayan Pal (BSP) 16,668 votes by a margin of 12,612 votes from Sitarganj Constituency to record 5th highest victory margin.

Four more candidates registered victory margins of over 10,000 votes ( Puran Singh of BJP from Lohaghat won by 11,535 votes, Bishan Singh Chuphal of BJP from Didihat won by 10,617 votes, Sanjay Gupta again of BJP from Lashkar won by 10,393 votes and Rajendra Singh Bhandari of INC from Badrnath won by 10,201 votes).

Victory margin of Preetam Singh of INC from Chakrata stood at 22nd position in terms of number of votes.


1. Ajay Bhatt (BJP) who polled 14089 votes defeated nearest rival Karan Mahara (INC) 14011 votes by only 78 votes from Ranikhet constituency making it the closest contest.

2. Ansuya Prasad Maikhuri (INC) who polled 11, 147 votes defeated nearest rival Surendra Singh Negi (Independent) 10920 votes by only 227votes from Karnprayag constituency making it the 2nd closest contest.

3. Dinesh Dhanai (Independent) who polled 12,026 votes defeated nearest rival Kishore Upadhyay (INC) 11,649 votes by only 377votes from Tehri constituency making it the 3rd closest contest.

4. Subodh Uniyal (INC) who polled 21,22o votes defeated nearest rival Om Gopal Rawat (BJP) 20819 votes by a margin of only 401votes from Narendranagar constituency making it the 4th closest contest.

5. Umesh Sharma (INC) who polled 29,900 votes defeated nearest rival Trivendra Singh Rawat (BJP) 29,426 votes by a margin of only 474 votes from Raipur constituency making it the 5th closest contest.

Incidentally these five contests were also the ones where victory margin was less than 500 votes. Five more constituencies namely Pratapnagar, Jwalapur, Tharali, Mangalore and Roorkee also witnessed keen contests with victory margin of less than 1000 votes in that order.


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