Thursday, May 17, 2012

Majority rule in Democracy Analysed in context of Uttarakhand Polls

Underlying principle of democracy is the rule of  majority arrived through the process of elections. Various electoral systems have evolved over the years to facilitate in establishing those who represent the majority for taking over the reins  of public administration.

The universal suffrage granting voting rights and the right to contest election without prejudices of religion, creed,caste, colour, gender or the resourcefulness  is an important breakthrough by which empowerment has been achieved in  liberal democracies all over the world. It is acknowledged that the Constitutional guarantees, judicial intervention for upholding the rule of law and separation of power have also ensured that majority does not become arbitrary.

 But the question arises, do we really get the majority behind those who are handed over the baton of power after an election? Here is a recent article published in Uttaranchal Patrika which tries to find an answer.

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