Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jaunsar Bawar Delhi Mahotsav 2012 : NCR Team’s Harul-Khelute-Bheetara Ki Naati- Tanda ko Geet : A Package of Video Visual Treat

A snapshot of myriad culture of Jaunsar Bawar as presented by NCR team at Delhi Mahotsav 2012 organised recently by Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society Delhi on January 22nd. The team took us through various types of melodious songs, rhythmic dances and spot comedy acts. The team leader Mr Khajan Dutt Sharma (Village Desou), a renowned singer and lyricist of Jaunsar Bawar, ably pioneered the efforts of NCR Team alongwith Mr T D Joshi (Village Mundhan) and other members, in providing wholesome entertainment. Mr T D Joshi extended subtle lead to the Harul song and dance performance.
The team also enchanted audience to a bout of laughter with a superb sense of humour and great timing during the spot- comedy show called Khelute. In this, Mr Matber Chauhan (Village Rawna), Mr Pratap Chauhan (Village Rikhad) and others came out with hilarious performances as also exhibiting a number of ethnic tools in the process such as Kakiyathi-Top.
There was an excellent song and dance presentation of Bheetara-Ki-Naati. The singers led by Mr Khajan Sharma, formed the customary ring whereas the dancers took to the floor enjoying every movement and beat.
The team had a surprise package of Tanda ko Geet sequence especially penned by Khajan Dutt to suit the occasion. The group dance during Tanda ko Geet is known for clean steps matched to a unique singing which is conventionally performed without use of any musical instruments.
Thus a well rounded package of rich culture of Jaunsar Bawar is available in this video clip which has been nicely captured by Naveen Sharma(Vill -Mairawna).

For video visual treat, please click on the link :

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