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Mairawna - a green Doon Hills Village

Mairawna - A Uttarakhand Village in the Holy Lap of Nature

Mairawna is a scenic village located atop a hill in the middle Himalayas of Uttarakhand’s District Dehra Dun. The place is pre-dominantly inhabited by the the Brahamins, the only such village among six Upper Bangaon Khat villages.

Abode of Lord Bhairanva
The village boasts itself as an abode of Lord Bhairanva who has blessed the inhabitants with sharp intellect. A huge Mauru tree, considered holy in the region, decorates the temple as if the tree were its crown.

The evergreen tree sprouts out of the ground from north east corner on front left side of the temple. It seems as ancient as the village which perhaps got its name after the very tree. From the Bhairanva temple in the village, one gets a view of the Himalayas through Gora Ghati (Valley), a valley famous for its association with the Pandavas. Apart from others, Mairawna hosts the families of Rithan clan who are priests of Lord Mahasu Temple at a nearby place called Ranana, a few Kilometres away to the east.

Nature Loving people
People here are relatively more aware of their social and geographical surroundings, actively nurturing them with enthusiasm. As a result Mairawna, on three sides , has evergreen forests of pines, deodars, bans, saulis. The village community takes keen interest in protecting these vital ecological resources. The Temple of Lord Shilgur is located at a slightly higher altitude on western mountain range, again at small distance from Mairawna. The village has three water-streams flowing along to meet its Kuthnoi river, which is a lifeline to the entire area. The River provides drinking water and irrigates fields all along its course besides inhabiting semi and unexplored waterfalls holding tremendous adventure tourism potential.

Panoramic Dungyara Valley
There is a holy temple of Bhonriya Devata at place in the valley named Dungyara which is the hamlet of Mairawna and other nearby villages. The whole area can be described as Dungyara Valley, as it presents a breathtakingly beautuful view from Chakrata.

Mairawna, is an ideal place for developing into a pilgrim tourism centre and a good escapade for nature lovers. Besides the temple of revered Lord Bhairanva, it has in its neighbourhood the temples of the Lord Mahasu to the east, of the Lord Shilgur to the west(at a trekable altitude) and of the Lord Bhonriya downhill at Dungyara in the northern direction. A Govt Inter College, a Government Hospital and Post Officce indicates that the village is on the road to development.

Picturesque & historic drive from Dehra Dun
Mairawna is about 120 kms by road in the northern direction from Dehra Dun. On the way to the village one would pass through the industrial town of Selaqui, Mandi city of Vikas Nagar and then cross over the Yamuna at Haripur to reach Kalsi which Asoka, the Great chose to inscribe his principles of Dhamma on one of his Rock inscriptions locally known as Chattarshila. From Kalsi there is a choice of travelling through the valley along Amlawa Gad (river) or to take a U-turn from just ahead of the Kali Ka Mandir for a climb to journey on almost atop serene mountains to reach Chakrata. On the way you have a chance to come across Bairat Khai- a place believed to be Pandavas’ hide out for one year as part of their exile. And from Chakrata the final leg of the beautiful sojourn for Mairawna begins here again a choice of trekking downhill (two trek routes) or taking a road journey. The later offer a chance to see or time permitting to do small trek to Tiger Fall (locally known as Kairawa Pachhad- screaming water fall) on the serpentine and evergreen tree clad way to Mairawna.

Trek through virgin Himalaya foothills
The treks offer an encounter with countless varieties of local vegetation bearing different colour shades-even of the dominant green cover, bird chirps breaking silence of the mountains/ valleys/ tree-clad route corridors, view of the Himalayas for a long stretch, cool fresh water rolling streams, cloud-fights in rainy weather, flock of local birds & flashes of smart wild animals, herds of domesticated animals, children trekking to or from schools, village folks on their way to markets or to other villages to share moments of joy during festivals. All the three routes provide panoramic view of the Dungyara Valley.

Three villages on the way
Visit to Mairawna provides a rare chance to see three more villages if you go by road or one of the trek routes. These three villages fall in a row enroute from Chakrata at uniform altitude with Mairawna and start with Pati followed by Rawna and Buraswa. Mairwana is also surrounded by the villages further east, hamlets on norths making it a suitable hub/epicentre for various purposes.

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