Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jaunsar Bawar's Delhi Cultural Mahotsav 2011 Showcases Rich Cultural Traditions

Cultural Festivals in Various Cities- a refreshing splash of Jaunsar Bawar's Rainbow Culture

The morning chill of January 2, 2011 could not deter the Delhi and nearby residents of Jaunsar Bawar from dishing out highly enjoyable and culturally rich perfomances at the Annual cultural Meet in Delhi marking a happy onset of the new year and decade. Apart from local residents of Jaunsar Bawar area, their relatives and friends, there was a big turn-out of guests. The Annual Pragramme is organised every year by the Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Welfare Society Delhi mobilising the local residents with the contributions of local inhabitants attending the Meet.

A unique feature of the Delhi Cultural Meet is a Team Competition in which man, woman and children participate with a lot of enthusiasm. This segment has been added with a view to make modern generation aware and proud of their rich cultural background. It also offers a chance to the local residents to remain connected with their roots. The increasing participation is helping revive the beautiful culture of the Hilly areas of Uttarakhand.

The cooperative and co-hesive life-style of the ethnic population of Jaunsar Bawar was best exemplified in the performances by the Teams representing South Delhi, Rohini Area and the NCR who participated in the competitive segment of the Mahotsava. The Teams made their best efforts to come up with new ideas in making their presentations of various songs, art forms, dances and festivals of Jaunsar Bawar. Sporting traditional attires, the highlights include, performing various dances and songs( Harul, Thandkiya, Jhainta, Raso, Jongu, Moila, Deepawali songs- Hariyadi, Beejori, etc), staging the Khelute show ( spot comedy show), Jungbazi (a war-dance form) etc. Infact the performance of Mr Matwar Chauhan of Rawna stood out who revelled and enchanted the audience with his sense of humour & satire through stand-up comedy show called Khelute. He was ably supported by Mr Pratap Chauhan of Rikhad and Mr Rajendra Tomar of Koruwa. The NCR Team won the Competition a 2nd time in a row.
The gathered crowd heard out announcements of donations made for a Jaunsar Bawar Bhavan in Delhi with rapt attention. Many persons and guests joined in the novel cause by making on-the-spot donations for this novel cause. These include donation made by the noted and young politician of Jaunsar Bawar Mr Munna Rana. The idea of Delhi Bhavan has been harboured with an aim to offer a temporary at-cost shelter to the needy visitors of Jaunsar Bawar at Delhi like those coming for studies, exams, medical treatment/help, business tours or transfers. Several members have made and organised donations in the past.

The annual cultural fiest also provides an opportunity to catch-up with each other while extending greetings and good wishes for the year ahead. Hundreds of ethnic families get a chance to acquant themseles evey-year otherwise a difficult proposition in Metro City.

The Delhi programme coincided with the one at Haridwar and came close on the heels of the highly attended two-day programme at Dehra Dun on December 25 and 26, 2010, and other places.

Photos of Dehra Dun Meet Dec 25-26, 2010:

Delhi Meet Jan 2, 2011 : A video clip of the Winner NCR Team delivering a culturally rich performance


Abhishek said...

Thnks Mr. Joshi for promoting our culture.and i am again appreciating you for launching jaunsari have achieved the milestone for our society at national or international r an inspiration for us .

thnks from Matber, Rawana

Ramesh said...

Grateful for your nice words of reognition.If you could also help my efforts by sendin me, write-up/s, photographs on life and times and villages in Jaunsar Bawar at for enriching the information bank of our rich culture.

December 20, 2010

stomar said...

feeling very proudy!!!!

stomar said...

feeling very proudy!!!


Ramesh said...

@STomar, Thanks for your inspiring words. As you said its really very appropriate to feel proud about our rich culture in Jaunsar Bawar.