Monday, December 20, 2010

Chandigarh Rolls-out Gala Jaunsari Annual Cultural Meets-Programmes also held at Saharanpur; Tehri;

The New Year sees Jaunsar-Bawar Community living in places outside the ethnic area; rejoice its rich cultural heritage with anual Cultural Programmes in different cities of India. Started by the Community at Delhi in 1998, the extravaganza has not only grown bigger but has also expanded. Now such programmes are held regularly in many other cities like Dehra Dun, Vikas Nagar, Hardwar, Punjab(Chandigarh), Saharanpur, Tehri, Gujarat(rotated in various towns), Lucknow, etc.

The celebrations this year began with the community in Punjab holding its meet at Chandigarh on November 17, 2010. It saw a big turn-out. Almost everyone in the entire State of Punjab came calling to be part of the event. Persons employed in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala, Mohali, and sevreral other towns attended with great enthusiam. Apart from highly entertaining performance of Ms Shanti Verma's Dhoomsu Club, men, ladies and children joined in the traditional dance and song renditions.The Programme also had invited guests from Delhi and Dehra Dun make full use of the opportunity. People extended warm greetings to each other and to their families. Like last year, Garhwal Bhavan was the venue which was submrged in the tunes and the rythmic foot-tappings of the community members. The ladies in the traditional attire looked highly graceful. Cultural vividness was highly visible as Harul, Jhainta, Tandhkiya Geet, Nati, Raso, etc were performed with great elan. The traditional spot-comedy called "Khelute' was presented by the artists of Dhoomsu Club to make way for some laughter . On the whole, Chandigarh fully lived upto the expectations of a silent movement whereby the Jaunsar Bawar's residents has taken it upon themselves to preserve their rich cultural heritage, irrespective of any assistance from anywhere.

The self-motivated and self-sustaining efforts of the community towards this end, a unique feature of the programmes, were fully visible at Chandigarh. Kudos to the Management Committe of Jaunsar Bawar Employees Society (Chandigarh Zone) for a difficult task well done. Without undermining efforts of all persons concerned, especial mention could be made of the President Mr Balbir Singh Negi, General Secretary Mr Swaraj Tomar, Secratary Mr Tikam Singh Chauhan, T R Joshi, among others. Very succesful programmes have also been held at Saharanpur and Tehri on 19-12-2010. The programes are coming up at Dehra Dun December 25-26 and Delhi, the movement pioneers, on January 2nd, 2011.
Happy participation and long live rich culture of Jaunsar Bawar.

Greetings of new year to one and all and enjoy the photo and video clipps of Chandigarh Meet :

Team members perfoming to foot-tapping numbers of Shanti Verma

Artists of Dhoomsu Club staging Khelute , a traditional spot-comedy act normally performed during Purani-Pahadi Diwali

Here goes the video clip of Dhoomsu club's performance to a packed House at Chandigarh :

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