Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Health Camps of JBTWS Delhi A Ray of Hope For Ailing Jaunsari-Bawaris

Fourth Camp to be organised at Kathyan on June 6-7, 2010

Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Society, Delhi ( JBTWS Delhi) has decided to hold a two day Free Health Camp at Kathyan on June 6th and 7th this year. The Camp would be fourth in a series of successful Camps held in summers of last three years. The first camp was held at Village Bulhad ( Khat - Bharam) in June 2007, Second at Village Malaitha ( Khat - Pashgaon) and third at Viilage Chillad ( Khat – Bana in Bawar).

Doctors and nurses in these Camps treat thousands of patients. These camps draw a large number of patients from dozens of villages including from far of villages. The JBTWS, a society of the residents of Jaunsar and Bawar in Delhi and nearby towns, has been doing a big service to its deprived and backward tribal community/area by organizing Free Health Camps every year since 2007.

The Government of Uttarakhand have been a notable partner in this noble work deputing a number of doctors and para-medico staff, supplying medicines, pathological support, etc. Other agencies like ONGC have also played their role by contributing medicines and pathological facilities. Most of the villages in Jaunsar Bawar Tribal area are without basic medical- health facilities. Many patients are forced to simply carry on bearing the ailments for years in the absence of even primary health services. Their poor financial condition makes it even worse. Not only the villages but even the towns like Chakrata, Tiuni, Sahiya, Kalsi, etc lack proper health infrastructure, like specialist doctors, pathologies/pathologists, qualified chemists, medicine-stocks, etc. Several lives are lost due to either availability of no health services or highly deficient health facilities.

In these circumstances, a free health camp like the ones organised by JBTWS Delhi comes as a big relief to the suffering people. They are also eye-opener to all those caring for the welfare of the area.

If one sincerely wishes to contribute to a healthy and developed Jaunsar Bawar there will always be several ways. Think it over… let’s come up with practical self-dependent solutions without waiting for Governments or others (Since seeing is believing here is short video of medical camp at Chillad)

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