Sunday, July 27, 2008


Priyanka Negi of Ranigaon enters Viewers round of Indian Idol Contest
Becomes First young singer from Jaunsar Bawar to Break into top 20

Priyanka Negi, a budding young singer from Jaunsar Bawar, has recently achieved a significant landmark by breaking into the elite group of Top 20 contestants of the fresh Indian Idol Contest. This edition is soon expected to be telecast on popular entertainment channel Sony.

As per information provided by Priyanka’s proud father Inder Singh Negi an Officer with ONGC, Priyanka has successfully crossed the difficult Judges rounds, making her the only singer from Jaunsar Bawar to reach such prestigious levels. This also is a testimony to her singing talent, a glimpse of which was seen at the last Annual Cultural Programme on 6th January 2008 at Delhi organized by Jaunsar Bawar Tribal Society Delhi.

Priyanka would now vie for favourable voting to her performances by not only the Jaunsar Bawar residents but also from all Uttarakhandis, Himachalwasis and infact by every viewer. With her current success Priyanka has made all Jaunsar Bawar wasis proud.


Anonymous said...

big aplause to priyanka proud of u , mahasu devta will bless u great strength to win this contest dr n s chauhan surgeon vikas nagar dehradun

Anonymous said...

good going keep it up

shoorvir chauhan said...

all the best to you priyanka....yu are the beacon for many a youngesters of jaunsar !! good luck to u and give yur best shot !!