Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kaprodi (Aske) making at a Joshigaon Home

Kaprodi, which is also called Aska (Aske for more than one), is a delicious dish widely prepared in the Jaunsar Bawar area. This is made with rice flour by converted it into a semi-liquid paste. This paste is by turns poured into a especial baking base-pot called 'Lalapri' to suit the optimum size desired of Kaprodi( see Photo No-1 below). The Lalapri is then covered with a duly heated iron lid to apply heat from both sides for proper baking. Normally two iron lids are kept handy for heating up by turns as could be seen in the first photograph. Fourth picture shows how a baked Kaprodi (Aska) is taken out from the base pot on Chullah.

Immediately after Lunch which is taken by about 11 a.m. in this area, preparations for aska making begin. The dish takes almost the whole day to make. Aske are then eaten with masala-salt-mixed curd and/or with urad dal (pulse) in the late afternoon as part of dopari (snacks) and at dinner togethar with entire family.

As an effort towards ensuring that every family-member shares the pleasure of enjoying the dish, a packed dinner on the day is especially sent to all those family-members who are living at settlements away from the village. Thus they also share the delightful moments of a tastee dish in dinner that day itself even if living away from the main family.
StepNo-1 :
Pouring Kaprodi paste into Lalapri as one iron cover heats; another waits behind
Step No- 2
Waiting for full baking of Kaprodi-Aska

Family moments waiting for a baked Kaprodi- Shri Shyam Dutt Joshi with his wife at Joshigaon

Taking out baked Kaprodi (Aska)

Beautiful sight of round and semi-brown Kaprodis-Aske alongwith masala-salt

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