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Photo Gallery-I : A Glimpse of Jaunsar Bawar's traditions, life and times

Pix 55 : Pajit Lani, a happening place near Sahiya-bazar. A highly popular annual sporting event is organised here mostly once in a summer of the year. Lani is term used for a place which offers vantage position for a wide view around besides facilitating crossing over to the other directions of a mountain. Lani can be best described as a mountain pass.

Pix 54. A view of Dungyara Gaad( River) is a lifeline perrenial stream which flows into the Yamuna  near Damta. It irrigates innumerable fields, provides fresh drinking water and serves as rich fish breeding hub. The river forms the base of Dungyara Valley.

Pix 53. Revered Lord Mahasu's Temple at Radana in Bangaon Khat near Mairawna

Pix 52. A view of Buras Khada, a riverulet separating boundaries of two Bangaon Khat villages Mairawna and Buraswa

Pix 51. Tiny Chhamur plant

Pix 50. Herbal shrub Chhamur widely used as holy water sprinkler during Pooja/prayers. Also a useful anti-septic susbstance for fresh wounds/cuts

Pix 49. Thatriya Chhanis of Mairawna Village - fields lush green with potato crop - a part of Dungyara Valley which can be described as Rice and Potato bowl of Jaunsar Bawar

Pix 47. At Thatre Pande Chhani of Mairawna a paddy Bijad - maturing for transplants as paddy crops

Pix 46. Bhonriya Taal beneath the Temple of Lord Bhonriya at Dungyara

Pix 45. At Dungyara typical rooftop drying of Chulodi , the pulpy layer of Chullus- wild apricot fruits

Pix 44. Inside view of a water mill at Dungyara, hydro power spinning heavy stone-wheel to give us fine flour

Pix 43. Arabi leaves rolls prepared to steam-bake as an healthy green vegetable

Pix 42. An eastern view of Dungyara Valley through Village Tungroli of Khat Bangaon

Pix 41. Jai Bhonriya Devta! Temple at the twisty turn of Dungyara River, starting point of  Dungyara hemlet and at the heart of Dungyara Valley

Pix 40.

Pix 39. Two pictures above show a piece of Mahabharata legendary hero Bhim's Gara - a stone missile for hand-held instrument called Gulel which has rubber strings fixed to a wooden-fork ; the second Photo has a water-flour mill (Gharrat) in the foreground

Pix 38. Master Aman shows us the solid rocks split wide-open at the edge of a sharp turn that Dungyara Gaad takes on account of Garha- ki-Dhar, adjecent is the  Lord Bhonriya Temple.

Pix 37. A beautiful wild fruit found across Jaunsar Bawar

Pix 36. Mouth watering Issou wild fruit - in some places also called Lal Achhoi

Pix 35. Wheat straw packed in a Khaikudi, a grain and agro-implement store-house

Pix 34. Harvested wheat arranged in a ground called Khauwa at Village Joshigaon, Khat Shilligothan

Pix 33.

Pix 32.

Pix 31. A side-view  glimpse of Garh Bairat Fort from motor-road : Photo by Shri T D Joshi, Village Mundhan

Pix 30. Peaks of the mighty Himalayas as seen from Bairat Khai, a well known summer adventure tourist spot, close to Garh Bairat : Photo by Shri T D Joshi,Village Mundhan

Pix 29. Khendadi helping typically eaten with finger tips  

Pix 28. Khendadi helping eaten on finger tips-2

Pix 27. Muda Bukaono - made from wheat grains by soft roasting on tawa. Useful & healthy snacks-appetiser

Pix 26. Chuloda - a cake made from pulp of Chuloo Fruit of apricot family. This makes a very tastee Chutney adding appropriate masala

Pix 25. Doroti made of Masur dal,  you have a choice  delicious Sweet or Sour flavour

Pix 24. Khendadi cooked in hot water and served with ghee making a small well at the centre

Pix 23. Pinunwe - another steam baked dished taken with ghee

Pix 22. Uluwe - a steam baked dish eaten with Ghee

Pix 21. Rainy season part-view of a circular 'Khauwa' at Joshigaon - Khauwa a stone-tiled circular ground is used by farmers for drying harvests, removing husks from grains etc

Pix 20.

A Photo by Sunil Joshi of Joshigaon captures lush green view from Churani of a Valley in Jaunsar Bawar

Pix 19. Sunil Joshi inspecting his full grown Arabi (Gaguawe) field

Pix 18. Time to look around patrolling red-chillis spread-out for sun-bath

Pix 17.

Chhanis at Joshigaon as a dog stand gaurd on top- Chhani is a animal-house to keep pet-animals and to store fodder

Pix 16. Shaanu poses on pathway travesing a maze-field at Joshigaon - Photo by Anil Joshi

Pix 15. Shakedi-chapati basket (top) and Sheel and goona (front)

Pix 14. Dangare(right side) and Tarwad(Sword)

Pix 13.
He goats feeding on beenda fodder hanged with a rope called Ujneou. Also seen in front is a Tolind, a stone made weight-lifting instrument

Pix 12. Kuradis the axe

Pix 11.

जौनसारी स्त्रियाँ पारंपरिक वेशभूषा में

Pix 10. Dhol and Damano

Pix 9. Ghilo on the back, Otaki in front

Pix 8. Gutoo and Muson

Pix 7. Kali ki Dheuti at Mairawna

Pix 6. Kinoto

Pix 5. Adoo-wooden base for Diya-Lamp

Pix 4. Bhadu

Pix 3. Bijoo Tantey - seed maze

Pix 2. Chool - making Chapati

Pix 1. Community cooking on Tiund ( open air chullah-stove)



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sir,ur had created a nice blog and it will bring more pride to jaunsar bawar culture.

free thinker ~ fashionlover said...

can't we just put sme mre information about our communtiy.. even i belong from jaunsar from PINGWA village..locatd near abt 20 kms frm chakrata.....
btw nic description of stuff...even i didn't knew bou all these things..

Unknown said...

Seems very nice and pretty good, even it sounds very good that we have lots of new places in gharwal as i m not from your distrcit however really want to know and wana watch few more pictures or can you share any site or path from where i can collect the photos of uttranchal beau ..

Thanks for such lovely pictures

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Ramesh said...

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. If you have any photograph of life and times and villages in Jaunsar Bawar, pl email me at

December 20, 2010

D.A.Sharma said...

dear ramesh,
very greatfull to you effort.feel good to see and encourage me to visit Jaunsar Bawar.
D.A. sharma

Ramesh said...

Thanks a lot D A Sharmaji for your appreciation, such words are motivating. Don't know where u are from, but you would be most welcome in Jaunsar Bawar. Here guests are very cordially received and there would perhaps be a rare similar example of "Athithi Devo bhava" in practice. The home grown local village system here takes full care of even the most unknown visitor. This culture need to be need only preserved and nurtured, but expanded n show-cased while promoting tourism. The area holds lot many more promises,including its traditional handicrafts-now declining,woollen textile and atire, again ethnic-home grown cooperative n community life style, numerable and memorable festivals(some of them detailed in this blog), local sports like Thaude- a unique game archery, Habdi-a game alike cricket/guli danda,etc. The list can have a countless additions to it, which one would try to publish here.

rohan singh said...

awesum sir .......if life give me a chance to come uttarkhand then i also visit here vse i love uttarakhand nd always...

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog ramesh took me to my roots..reminded all those beautiful moments that we spent as a child...i soo much feel that our culture, tradition, panchayat system,local medication needs so much exposure to the world and can become a model for better society.iam so proud of being jaunsari and it gives immense pleasure to see lots of jaunsari`s doing so well in ther respective field of work. Looking fwd to see sm more addition to ur blog ��
Dasau / pashgaon